It is with great pleasure the Animal Nutrition Association (ANA) invites you to its X Biennial Conference on the theme Newer Perspectives in Animal Nutrition Research for Augmenting Animal Productivity being held at Tirupati during November 9-11, 2016. Nutrition represents one of the most serious limitations to livestock production in developing countries, especially in the tropics. Feed resources are inadequate in both quality and quantity, particularly during the dry seasons. Livestock sector is an integrated component of agricultural activities in the country. Due to rising demand for animal products and changing food preferences of the next generation consumers, the Indian livestock sector has to improve its performance. Animal nutrition plays a vital role in livestock production as it accounts for more than 70% of total recurring cost of production. The basic and fundamental research in the area of Animal Nutrition carried out and contemplated holds the key for providing solutions to the existing and emerging problems in livestock production in the country. In addition to meeting the nutrient requirements of animals, precision feeding will help to avoid wastage of nutrients and making the livestock production more economic and eco-friendly. The methane emission by the ruminants can be reduced by using improved feeding practices and technologies. The search for newer unconventional feeds including herbal and microbial feed additives, organic mineral supplements for better bio-availability and improved health and production of designer livestock products by modifying the rumen microbes using conventional and advanced bio-techniques will help in augmenting animal productivity. The present conference, to be attended by researchers, teachers, post-graduate research scholars, entrepreneurs and policy planners involved in animal production from across the country, aims at flagging off some of the above issues through a series of theme talks, plenary lectures, technical sessions and round tables. Being hosted by College of Veterinary Science, Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, in Tirupati, the conference, besides its academic zest and scientific passion, is expected to be a treasured occasion for the delegates who can utilize the occasion to visit holy city of Tirupati and have darshan of Lord Balaji.

Prof. Ashok K. Verma
Animal Nutrition Association

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